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Final race of the year! Santa Cross 2013 at Griffith Park

SoCalCross Prestige Series – Race #17
Sat Dec 14, 2013 at Griffith Park, Los Angeles CA.
Mens B, lap 1/8

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10th Annual Turkey Trot Cross at Verdugo Park, Glendale CA

SoCalCross Prestige Series – Race #12
Sun Nov 24, 2013 at Verdugo Park, Glendale CA.
Mens B, lap 1/7

Perfect fall day for cyclocross racing in Glendale, 10 min from home. That track is now my favorite so far, it was so much fun to ride. Today was my 3rd race, so I moved up to class B where I think I could be competitive. But not today! I had legs for only one hot lap after yesterday’s epic 6.5 hours mountain bike ride. So the only thing left in my legs for the rest of the race was pain. I finished 20th and still had a blast! I love cyclocross.

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Hiking Zion’s Hidden Canyon in Utah

We hiked Hidden Canyon in Zion National Park. It’s a short hike on a narrow cliff-side trail (not for those afraid of heights!) leading to a higher canyon hidden in a crack between two giant walls of rock. Surreal.



SCPS #6: Spooky Kross LA Bikefest 2013

Race footage of Men’s C race on day 2 of SocalCross PRESTIGE SERIES round #6: KROSSTOBERFEST. Sunday October 27th, 2013 at The Fairplex in Pomona, California.

The video turned out really good and engaging to watch. There’s so much more racing action in a cyclocross race. Also the sound is much better in this video – I had the non-waterproof door on the GoPro which lets the air /sound in.

I finished 12th in 38:48 (+1:56) and this is officially my first completed cyclocross race ever! woot!! We were 52 riders at the start in class C. I still have a lot to learn in this discipline – I lose so much time in the braking zones and dismounting. I wish I had the precise hydraulic brakes of my mountain bike. Anyway I think I’ll move up to class B next race, see how it goes on a longer race.

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